1. Download the zip file below ideally to a computer.
  2. Unizip or “extract” the file (usually by right clicking.)
  3. Transfer the now unzipped folder to the device, or storage card.


You need to unzip, the folder to view all the files, which is why we recommend first downloading the zip folder to a computer where it will be easier to unzip. You can unzip or extract folders with some mobile phones but you would need a data card at least twice the size of the file you are trying to unzip, so in this case you need at least a 64gb card.

If you are reusing and old storage card or thumb drive you may need to reformat it (by right clicking) use “exFAT” which is a file system that allows for larger files.

Some items on this drive only work for a Windows PC, for example there is a Bible study software program called Esword which only runs on Windows.

The main file: can be downloaded from the link below.


File Size: 22.9 GB

Alternative Download Link (coming soon)

Physical Copy

You can request a totally free 36gb USB drive to be mailed to you by sending an email to: and letting us know where to send it. 


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